The Bosilkoff Publishers was founded in 1992 in Veliko Turnovo as a publishing house for childrens fiction. Its founder and owner is Lyuben Bosilkov.

In the beginning, the most popular among the Bulgarian readers became our editions 365 tales from the world over - one for every evening and the longest tale in the world, Tales in Pictures, From A to Z, the collections of booklets The Booted Cat, Cindarella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Scottish Giant and some other of the most popular tales.

Today our interests are much wider. Although we still remain faithful to childrens fiction, now we publish already both fiction, as well as science fiction and specialized literature, but basically luxurious albums, among which The Incredible Town of Veliko Turnovo, Collection Bulgaria, 100 Photographs, Collection Arbanassi, Sound and Light and others reflecting the unique Bulgarian nature, churches, monasteries, murals, icons, towns and cities, architecture and landmarks, translated into several languages English, French, German, Spanish. Our creative team consists of a number of most authoritative names having an original style and achievements in their fields. Most of the historical texts accompanying these editions belong to Plamen Pavlov, the photographs have been taken by Tzoncho Balkandjiev, Nayden Naydenov, Violeta Chamurkova, Tencho Petkov, while the translations have been made by Rossen Roussev, Yanka Koeva, Madlen Avramova, Valentina Slavova, the artistic design has been made by Vanya Panayotova.

The total amount of our editions has for a long time reached hundred of thousands of copies, showing a permanent presence at the book market, having, at the same time, undergone several editions. We helped some young authors and poets to find their own way, by publishing their first books, we worked with some established writers in the field of fiction and drama. We keep on developing a vast range of charity activity, supporting schools, cultural centers and cultural institutions.

Over the past few years we all walked towards you our readers, remaining faithful to some definite conceptions and aesthetic views. We have never been influenced by market, we have tried to influence the market by imposing a style.

The recognition today for Bosilkoff Publishers as a trademark on the book market is our greatest acquisition which inspires us for the future.

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